Privacy policy

Privacy Policy:

1) The customer allows the service provider to handle his/her personal information. All information will be handled with most care and protected from third parties.

2) The personal information consists of name, address, phone number, email address, sale information and can be changed or deleted by request of the customer (by sending an email to [email protected]/en). This information is only used to provide the service to the customer. All personal information is encrypted through SSL-Technology.

3) Personal information is collected when purchasing items, creating an account or contacting the service provider via webshop.

4) Personal information that is needed for shipping will be sent to the shipping company.

5) The customer allows the service provider to send offers and marketing information to him/her.

6) The service provider has the right to share customers personal information only when obliged to do so by the law for the protection of life or freedom.

7) The service provider does not store any credit card information.